Terms of Service

oVPN.to Anonymous Services offers anonymous and non logging services at different locations to protect your privacy!

You must agree our Terms of Service or you are not allowed to use oVPN.to Anonymous Services.

Privacy Policy
We don't create or store any logfiles or any client identifying data.
We didn't and we wouldn't and we won't share any details with anybody.
We are unable to identify yourself and we have nothing to handout about you.
We encrypt your Login eMail. Your Password is hashed with SALTED CRYPT_SHA512 and 50k to 500k rounds.

Usage of oVPN.to Anonymous Services
You should not send Spam, (D)DoS, Floods or any other unwanted traffic to any destination / person.
We will block connections from our servers to any abused / targeted host to keep our servers healthy.
If we see the attack still running: you could lose your account as we could lose machines.

Account Sharing
We have no logfiles and we are unable to detect sharing of accounts: but heavy sharing is not calculated within our price.
If you want only the best, steady anonymous service with good pings and available bandwidth on your service you paid for: don't share your account.
It is not a problem to you use your account on every computer or device in your home with your family: we appreciate that.
You can even protect your GranMa and Pa at their home but keep an eye on your total traffic consumption.

There is no traffic limit for you, but please contact us if you need 100M+ many hours a day for longer time. Peaking for a moment is no problem.
Run traffic intense or low latency apps on your nearest anonymous oVPN.to Server to reach best performance.
Please avoid traffic intense apps over multi-HOP SOCKS5-Chains.
We could enable speedlimits on our SOCKS5 / HTTP-Proxy once we notice extremly high traffic for longer time.

Illegal sharing of copyright protected materials is prohibited on our servers: share only what you are allowed to!
Port forwards lead back to your account. We'll remove port forwards on DMCA abuse and send a notice into your account, nothing more...

Server Availability and Uptime
We can't guarantee any uptime for any anonymous oVPN.to Server, but we do our best to prevent downtimes.

Keep in mind, you are not alone using our service: we serve a wide range of customers and we want best Anonymous Service for all!

Thank you!